Start up of Production in LOEL Company Cyprus After Complete Relocation

One Thought on “Start up of Production in LOEL Company Cyprus After Complete Relocation”

  • Dear All;
    will attact our company information.
    We are working for water company in Turkey .first of all , I would like to know do you working any company in Turkey ?
    we also contact with you about in Turkey one our costomer needs hot filling machine (pet and glass ) and cooling tunnel.
    İnitially for that we need second hand machine do you have one of this kind of type ?
    About this topic could back for me then we will talk about more information.
    Sameksan machine we sell second hand machines (Pet, Glass, Bottle, Glass, Tin box, Compressor … etc.) Which are revised from abroad and are suitable for our guaranteed capacity.

    We have 20 years experience in water / mineral water / flovored mineral water sector.
    Especially in glass lines and cold-fill related work we do. (Mineral water / Flavored filling)
    Our relations with Turkey until the Company has the majority / companies we know. (Danone, Pepsi, CocaCola, Nestle …… etc) and we are always on visit.

    Also TECHNOPLAN (Switzerland) are working in Turkey we can ask.

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