KRONES SIDEL Complete PET Filling Line for Carbonated Soft Drinks and Still and Carbonated Water

1. KRONES SIDEL Complete PET Filling Line for CSD and Still & Carbonated Water –at a Discounted Price!
18,000 BPH by 1.5 LTRS
25,000 BPH by 0.5 LTRS
Neck finish: PCO 28 – 1810

2. Krones Variojet Multi Bloc Glass Line for Carbonated Soft Drinks
Capacity: 16,000 BPH on 330ml
Formats: 330ml and 500ml Glass Bottles
Location: Europe

3. SIDEL SBO14 Water Line with Capacity 25,200 BHR
YOM: 2006
Products: Still Water

4. HOT Filling PET Line for Juices and Milk, including the Processing, dedicated CIP and HP Compressor
Equipped with 3 change over formats: 500ml, 1 LTR and 1.5 LTRS.
Line Capacity
0.5 LTRS and 1 LTR: 16,500 BPH
1.5 LTRS: 11,000 BPH
Including Palletizer.
The molds – included.

5. Complete Filling Line KRONES/KOSME for Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Products
Capacity: 10, 000 – 12,000 BPH
Filling Product: Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Products
Bottle Sizes: 0.5 LTRS, 1.0 LTRS, 1.5 LTRS, 2.0 LTRS, 2.2 LTRS
Closure: PCO 1810

6. Used KHS/KETTNER Packer – Shrink Wrapping Machine (Film only and Film & tray).
Speed: 60 cycles/Min
Multipacks in tray
Infeed with 3 lanes with roller chain for cluster packs
Hot glue unit: Make Nordson
Operating with touch screen
Voltage: 400V/50Hz
Control unit: SIEMENS – SIMATIC S7

7. Brand New Technological Equipment for Ultra Clean Filling of Still Water in PET Bottles
Designed especially for bottling of microbiologically sensitive products, like: milk, dairy products, natural juices, cold tea in Ultra Clean environment.
– Still water 0.5L BPH max. 10,000
– Still water 1.5L BPH max. 6,000
Range of dosing: from 200 to 2000 ml

8. Completely Reconditioned Can Filler and Seamer KHS / Ferrum
Capacity: 30,000 CPH

9. Complete Drinking Yoghurt Line with Carton Package Sizes of 500 ml and 1 LTR
YOM: 2006
Condition: In production

10. KHS/SEN Glass Bottles Filler for Beer and Carbonated Soft Drinks
Change over parts for: 330ml, 500ml and 660ml.

For 30/25 plastic closures and additional format for sport caps.
Current Capacity: 28,800 BHR

12. Pavan Potato Chips Line like Pringles
YOM: 2001

13. KHS / KRONES Returnable Glass Bottle Filling Line
with Capacity of 24,000 BHR
for Carbonated Soft Drinks and Beer

14. Berchi Glass & PET Bottle Filling Line Still and Carbonated Product Filling
Fully Refurbished in 2015
10,000 BHR maximum capacity.
500ml Glass bottles @ 7,000 p/h
Change parts: 220ml glass, 300ml glass, 330ml glass, 500ml glass, 500ml PET.

Capacity: 3,000 B/HR
YOM: 2006-2007
There are pieces for 4 formats of 750 and 350 ml bottles


17. New Machines for Edible Oil Filling
Capacity: as of 1.0L: max. 24 000 BHR
Range of dosing: 200 – 2000 g

400 HL x 12 Brews / Day

19. KRONES/Ferrum Can Filling Line
for Beer and CSD
with Capacity of 30,000 CPH

YOM: 1994-2017

Direct ammonia cooling
24x 1450 HL (total capacity)
4x 237 HL (total capacity)

22. SMI Tray, Pad and Shrink Wrapping Machine for Cans YOM 2021
For Cans pack of 24 (pad)
Power supply: 3 Phase (380-415V) (50-60HZ)
Package configurations: Tray and Pads of 24; also possible in 12 w/o pad

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2. We provide all services involved with the post-purchase of used equipment. We are a leading team providing services post-purchase such as marking, dismantling, grouping, packing, loading, lashing, shipping and installation, start up and production run of any processing or filling equipment or complete lines. We can perform complete overhauling of any single equipment or complete filling lines. We also supply spare parts for KRONES, KHS, SIDEL, SIPA, TETRA PAK, O+H, SEN, H&K, Mojonnier Lines and Single Equipment.

3. We have a dedicated and experienced engineering team that is ready to help you. We are passionate about machinery and we want to help you find the best equipment for your needs. We have a team of experts who can answer your questions, provide advice, and assist you with any issues. You can reach us anytime and anywhere.

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  • Hello , I’m interested in used sidel full automatic water production line in good conditions.

    Capacity : 18 000 bph or 24 000 bph
    1.5 litre pet and 0.5 litre pet
    Please send me your offer and pricing via email
    Thank you.

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